Assembly and disassembly

Crane assembly and disassembly

Our crane specialists know our tower cranes, city cranes and track tower cranes from top to bottom. They take care of the entire rental process; they give advise, discuss the plans, assemble and disassemble the crane and make sure it arrives at your site ready to go. After assembling the crane, it will also be examined. This way, you are guaranteed to receive a great and safe crane without technical malfunctions.

Know your market…

Because of or experience with big as well as smaller contractors, we know our construction sites. We can find a solution to any problem. We take care of the assembly, examination and disassembly of the cranes. That way, you are guaranteed a great and safe crane that works the way it should.

Looking for a reliable crane specialist for your cranes? We would gladly be of service. For more information, advice or a quote, please call +31-(0)229 21 2642.

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