Tower cranes


Renting JASO tower cranes

The modern JASO tower cranes are the real heavy weights when it comes to cranes. They can lift heavy loads easily and are able to work on big construction sites. We have an extensive supply of modern JASO tower cranes.

JASO is one of the world market leaders when it comes to tower cranes, in which we have put our trust for years.

JASO is very innovating and progressive. They focus on the needs of the customer during production, offer custom-made production and take a close look at the customer’s project to deliver exactly what the customer wants. JASO keeps the market forces in mind during fabrication and this makes their excellent machines the solution to your needs.

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JASO’s slogan matches their products perfectly: “Because we don’t only offer products, we offer solutions”. Want to know more about JASO? Please watch the video.

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