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Renting JASO city crane for urban construction projects

By renting a JASO city crane from Teka Kranen, you are sure to have found the perfect solution to the needs of your urban construction project. Prevent roadblocks during your construction work and inconvenience to the surrounding residents. All our city cranes also comply with the CO2 standards.

JASO cranes

We trust the quality, durability and reliability of JASO, and have done so for years. The operational and technical advantages of JASO city cranes would certainly add to your urban construction project.

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Rental JASO city crane for urban construction

In places where a mobile crane isn’t an option, a JASO city crane from Teka Kranen is the perfect solution. Small construction sites with little space and other logistic problems; all solved easily. Reduced emission zones are also no problem with our JASO city cranes.

We invest a lot in eco friendly cranes. Our communities expect us to keep pollution in check and add to improving air quality in urban areas.

Renting an electrically driven city crane is the best option when it comes to construction sites in urban areas. Your foreman’s job will also be made easier. How? No need for him to move the Spierings or telescopic cranes around during the project. Our cranes can be left on site during the entirety of the project.

Advantages of renting a city crane from Teka Kranen

  • User-friendly controls. Usability and convenience are important for you and the crane operator. An operator lift, cameras and/or remote controls make sure there is more time for the operator to move to load to the right place.
  • Compact and flexible. Every crane is compact and can be configured for a variety of setups, heights, lengths and loads. Your foreman will also benefit from this.
  • Technical quality. JASO is a renowned world brand when it comes to city cranes, among others.
  • Eco friendly. Our electrically driven city cranes are developed by the JASO specialists that focus on eco friendliness.
  • No inconvenience. Prevent roadblocks, time consuming license applications and inconvenience for the surrounding residents.
  • Higher productivity and safety. The excellent view the crane operator has of the construction team and the construction site increases the productivity and provides more safety. An experienced crane operator from Teka Kranes gives you a boost in productivity, safety and efficiency.

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