35+ years of crane experience!

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Committed professionals

We combine high-end crane technology with a team of committed and enthusiastic crane specialists making Teka Kranen unique when it comes to the rental market. Our TCVT W4-06 certified crane operators excel at their jobs.


Teka Kranen knows its way around different construction projects in all sorts of branches: we tackle civil, industrial, offshore, housing and utility projects. We’ll gladly take on any challenge and will make sure every load will arrive at its destination safely!

Modern and reliable cranes

Our collection of cranes primarily consists of modern cranes from great brands such as JASO (stationary cranes) and Potain (cranes on tracks). Our mechanics, whom we could call crane specialists, keep our cranes in great shape. The philosophy of the Teka team? Work hard, keep it professional and stay down-to-earth.

The customer is king

At Teka Kranen, the customer is always our main focus and we think this shows in everything we do for you. This is our promise to you, and we will stick to it. A deal is a deal! With a personal touch and our expertise we are able to give you advice on the best […]

Mobile tower cranes on tracks

  • Ultimate mobility
  • User-friendliness for operator
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City cranes

  • User-friendly controls
  • Compact
  • Eco friendly
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Tower cranes

  • Big collection of cranes
  • Higher productivity and safety
  • Technical quality
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Top tower cranes

  • Compact and flexible
  • Perfect for high-rise
  • Higher production and safety
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Our crane specialists are at your service

Our crane specialist are happy to help you with everything, ranging from the planning of your work to meet the deadline, to setting up, operating and disassembling the crane. Together we will find the crane that is best suited for you and your work site.

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