Top tower cranes


Renting top tower crane for urban areas

With a JASO top tower crane, you’ll be ready to go on your (complex) construction site in busy urban areas. With a JASO crane from Teka Kranen, you’re garanteed to have great quality cranes and a higher productivity!

JASO top tower cranes for high-rise building

High-rise building in urban areas is no easy task: space is limited and there are strict environmental requirements to comply with. Quality, being able to move quickly with a load and being eco friendly are some of the competencies the JASO top tower cranes from Teka Kranen offer and will assure you of a job well done.

With our extensive collection of top tower cranes, you will definitely find the crane that is best suited for your construction project. JASO is known to provide cranes that are reliable and of high quality. We will make sure the crane can handle all the conditions, requirements and loads to match your construction project needs.

Advantages of renting a JASO top tower crane from Teka Cranes

  • User-friendly controls. Our cranes excel at user-friendliness and offer convenience for the crane operator. The operator also adds to the safety and efficiency of your project with an operator lift, cameras and/or remote controls.
  • Extensive supply. We can provide a diverse selection of tower cranes.
  • Compact and flexible. Every crane is compact and can be configured to work with different setups, heights, lengths and loads.
  • Technical quality. JASO is a renowned world brand when it comes to cranes, tower cranes and city cranes.
  • Eco friendly.The high-end technological applications make sure the JASO cranes are efficient, eco friendly and energy efficient.
  • Higher production and safety. You will work more efficiently and safely because the operator has an excellent view of the construction site. Renting one of our experienced crane operators will boost productivity and safety.

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