Mobile tower cranes on tracks


Rental mobile tower cranes on tracks

Our mobile tower crane on tracks is the best on the rental market. Our customers reap the benefits of the advantages this crane has compared to e.g. Spierings cranes. Our customers appreciate the ease of use, mobility and higher productivity of our cranes in particular.

Market leader for rental mobile tower cranes on tracks

We have optimized our mobile cranes on tracks ourselves, for the ultimate mobile experience. We combined tower cranes with track chassis which we’ve designed and built ourselves.

Teka Kranen offers you 7 varieties with different heights, load capacities and beam lengths. We guarantee you will find the mobile tower crane your construction project needs!

Our customers use our cranes for construction and renovation projects where high productivity, efficiency and safety are essential.

Discover why our mobile tower cranes on tracks are the answer to all your questions.:

  • Divers collection of cranes;
  • User-friendliness for construction team and crane operator;
  • The cranes can operate on their own;
  • Higher productivity and safety;
  • Ultimate mobility.
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